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When Was Roger Federer Born? posted on 10/30/2014

Born August 8, 1981, in Switzerland, Roger Federer is known to be the greatest tennis player of all time. Since October 2002, he has been consistently maintaining his ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals) rank in the top ten. Federer has held the number one position in the world for overall 302 weeks, which includes a consecutive stretch of 237 weeks from 2004 to 2008. During this time, he has reached every Grand Slam Final event five times minimum, which is a record in itself. During the Open Era, Federer has won 17 Grand Slam titles in the singles events, and shares the record for most titles at Wimbledon, U.S. Open, and Australian Open with other players.

Roger Federer grew up playing football, basketball, and badminton, apart from tennis. In 1998, he won his first junior player titles at Wimbledon for the singles and doubles events. He also went on to win the Orange Bowl, and ended the year with number one world junior ranking. Federer also started his professional career in the same year, where he lost to Lucas Ker. He reached his first finals in 2000 at the Marseille Open, but lost to March Rosset. Federer had his first victory in 2001 at the Hopman Cup, where he partnered with Martina Hingis in the doubles match. His first single's win was also in the same year when he defeated Julien Boutter in the Milan Indoor tournament.

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What’s the Difference Between Men’s and Women’s Tennis Shoes? posted on 12/31/2013
There is a distinct difference between men’s and  women's tennis shoes, beyond the possible difference of color. It is important that you know what these differences are, so you don’t make the mistake of thinking that it doesn’t matter which shoes you buy, as long as they seem to fit. What are the differences? The following are the significant factors that make men’s and women’s tennis footwear different and are the reasons why tennis players shouldn’t typically wear shoes belonging to the opposite gender.
Width.One of the most notable differences is width. The majority of  men’s tennis shoes are much wider than women’s shoes, for the simple reason that, by nature, men typically have larger feet than women. In fact, the standard width for a man’s shoe is often the extra wide version for a woman. Furthermore, women’s shoes tend to be narrower, as women typically have a narrower forefoot and heel, as well as a lower instep.

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3 Things To Look Out For when Choosing a Tennis racquet posted on 12/13/2012

Tennis racquets have come along way. Originally all racquets were made of animal intestine and laminated wood. Making the strings of the racquet with the intestine was not always easy, because they had to make a racquet that was stiff enough to hit the ball with power and also a durable racquet that would last long enough.

Today the  tennis racquets available in the market are built with very high standards. Tennis racquets are now made using a variety of materials. When manufacturers started making racquets commercially, they used steel and aluminum. Nowadays they are made using materials such as carbon fiber, fiber glass and even titanium. There is a science behind the design of the racquets. When you are buying a tennis racquet you have to consider the grip, the size of the head and the weight of the racquet amongst other things.

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