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What's next for Andy Roddick? posted on 07/05/2009
Roger Federer collected his record-breaking 15th Grand Slam title today in a spectacular Wimbledon final that will not be easily forgotten by any of us who saw it. Major congratulations to the man who most pundits feel comfortable calling the Greatest Tennis Player of All Time.

On the downside, Sunday's four and a half hour final will be hard for Andy Roddick to forget also. Roddick, a major underdog who had lost to Federer 18 times in 20 meetings, looked poised to pull off the huge upset. He took the first set. He had four set points in the second that he failed to convert. He took the fourth set which launched a thrilling fifth set that would contain 30 games. Throughout, Roddick had been rock solid on his serve, never allowing Federer to break him...until the very last game of the match. It was a heartbreaker for a man who had worked so hard to get to that point.

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Wimbledon Women's Quarters Fizzle posted on 06/30/2009
The women took center stage at Wimbledon today as all four quarterfinals took to the lawns of Centre Court and Court 1. Unfortunately, the clashes of the last eight women failed to provide much in the way of compelling tennis matches.

Each match-up featured one of the top four seeds. In each case, the higher seeded woman advanced to Thursday's semifinals. Three of the matches were routes as Serena Williams, Venus Williams and Elena Dementieva continued their romps through the tournament. None of these three were really tested in their matches which was a little surprising since Serena was up against Victoria Azarenka who has emerged as the most exciting new star of 2009. Venus dispatched Agnieszka Radwanska while Dementieva straight-setted Italian veteran Francesca Schiavone.

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The Best Day of Tennis You Won’t Get to See posted on 06/29/2009
The second Monday of Wimbledon is traditionally hyped as one of the best single days of tennis each year. That reputation is warranted as the day usually features all of the final 16 men and 16 women slugging it out for spots in the quarterfinals. For tennis fans, it's a great day to plop down in front of the TV and wallow in all the grasscourt greatness.

Unfortunately, many of us won't get to see much of what transpired on the lawns of Wimbledon today. The networks, in their infinite wisdom, have decided that tennis fans really don't need to see live tennis on this, the best single day of tennis. Go figure.

To be fair, ESPN2 has done a good job with their Wimbledon coverage throughout the first week. I wasn't too enthusiastic about their French Open coverage a few weeks ago, but they have been handling the Big W quite nicely. They have been beginning their live coverage at the crack of dawn--actually before dawn for those of us on the West Coast--and have continued right up through the end of play each day. What more could you want?

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